American Folk Rock

Mixed Business Is What You Get When…

You make a band out of world- travelers, barroom regulars, and classically trained musicians.

Drawing on decades of musical influences…

Mixed Business boasts a deep appreciation for the history and soul of music, and a setlist that spans all genres dating back to the 1930s.

Blending folk, country & bluegrass with electric rock and blues – the band has created a catalogue of original music that refuses to fall into any one genre, and by using more-than-a-handful of vintage and modern instruments, MB has perfected a deep, smokey sound that most bands don’t even attempt these days.

Inspired by the likes of Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Tom Waits, and Muddy Waters Mixed Business throws the kitchen sink at a crowd — delivering skilled playing and tight vocal harmonies.

Based in Baltimore and formed in 2007…

Mixed Business uses a mind-blowing combination of acoustic and electric instruments – from guitars to the upright bass, from piano to drums and percussion, from the mandolin to the banjo, and steel drums to the accordion — the band produces an ever changing musical experience, one that has allowed Mixed Business one of the busiest local music schedules around. Over 50 venues in the Balt. / Annap. / Wash D.C. area and beyond since 2007.

Mixed Business also has the distinct privilege of knowing some of the most talented and creative musicians in the area. Bottom line is, you’ll never know who might turn up sitting in with the band — whether it’s on drums, horns, fiddle, piano, or vocals, the Mixed Business extended family always adds their own unique flare to an already stellar performance.

Mixed Business American Folk Rock
Mixed Business

Brian Forte

Guitar / Banjo / Vocals

Mark O'Dell

Guitar / Mandolin / Vocals

Joey Micthell

Bass / Percussion

– Special Guest –

Dominic Fragman

Drums | Guitar | Show Stealer


Mixed Business at Annapolis Smokehouse
  • March, 11 | 9pm
  • April, 9 | 9pm
  • May, 13 | 9pm
  • June, 3 | 9pm
  • July, 22 | 9pm
  • August, 19 | 9pm
  • September, 23 | 9pm
  • October, 28 | 9pm
  • November, 25 | 9pm
  • December, 16 | 9pm
Mixed Business at WholeFoods Fairfax VA
  • February, 28 | 1pm
  • March, 6 | 1pm
  • March 19, | 1pm
Mixed Business at Rams Head Roadhouse
  • September, 16 | 10pm
  • November, 18 | 10pm


For book inquires please call Mark O’Dell at: 410-259-1191,
or use the contact form below to send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

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